Non-destructive soundness testing

Non-destructive soundness testing

With our top-notch services in non-destructive testing (NDT), materials testing, and welding quality, we assist you in ensuring the dependability and safety of your goods, machinery, or plant assets. We are aware of the procedures that must be followed throughout the whole product cycle, from design and production through use and maintenance. Our Total Quality Assurance services can assist with new construction, pipelines, industrial maintenance, and scheduled shutdown inspection in addition to quality control, regulatory compliance, and production processes

Non-destructive soundness testing

Non-destructive soundness testing
Linear Accelerator Testing

The Linear Accelerator testing is useful to a range of sectors including the Aerospace, Defense, and the Energy markets. It is a form of non-destructive testing used to detect defects in weld quality, castings, and structures, revealing faults such as porosity, inclusions, and cracks in which we provides quality service

Hardness Destructive Testing

Hardness testing is one of the most popular characteristics for engineers interested in material selection, lot verification testing, the assessment of material processing, or the comparison of hardness values across various material samples because it is simple, quick, and relatively non-destructive

Penetration Tests on Concrete

Using a Windsor Probe test machine, penetration resistance tests are performed on concrete buildings. In this test method, a rapid explosion fires a steel probe onto the concrete surface.

Computed Tomography

Industrial computed tomography is applied in many industries and in research to examine components non-destructively. At Element, modern CT scanning systems are available to visualize material structures with high accuracy. ICT is a non-destructive testing method for the precise examination of components.

Eddy Current Testing

An effective and precise non-destructive test technique is eddy current inspection. Heat exchangers and other sections of aircraft can be evaluated with the use of this kind of inspection. Different electromagnetic fields are produced by the periodic electrical currents flowing through conductors or probes.

“Provides first class accuracy in Non-destructive soundness testing”
“Provides first class accuracy in Non-destructive soundness testing”
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