Design Detailing Steel Structures

Design Detailing Steel Structures

Strutek expert creates Structural 2D, 3D steel structure model for all types of Commercial, Industrial or Institutional buildings as per client requirement with high quality. Strutek Services is specialized in creating Structural 2D, 3D Model using Tekla/SDS/2 etc. software. Our expert team is highly qualified and experienced to create 2D, 3D Model containing all geometrical and structural information.

Structural Steel Detailing Services

Structural Steel Detailing Services
Steel Part Drawings

We includes Part Name, Angle of Projection, Material Type, Drawing Scale, Necessary View (Front, Left Side, Right Side, Top, Bottom, Back), Isometric View, Parabolic, Hyperbolic View All Necessary Dimensions (Width, Depth, Height, Size etc.) in our Part Drawings that show fabrication information for single component.

Steel Assembly Drawings

The detailed information on how individual elements are arranged in a fixed formwork unit is shown in assembly drawings. Details on the sizes and labels needed for elevations with dimensions, weld symbols, bolt marks, a bill of materials, and notes, our assembly drawings also include components and consumables

Structural Analysis

Strutek carries out the 3D space frame analysis and analyzes the building structures based on ASO and ERFO methods. The team also performs gravity load analysis and lateral load analysis to provide the final structural analysis report

Steel Erection Drawings

In the Erection Drawings, we cover Concrete Footings, Beams, Columns, Bracings, Dacking, Grating, Stairs, Ladders, connection details and other structural components which are for the specific structure and useful to personnel in the field for the fabricators and erectors

Structural 3D Modeling Service

The team at Strutek has the expertise in Tekla BIM sight and with Tekla Solution, helps in customizing BIM models created in different BIM software. The Tekla experts at eLogicTech assist organizations with varying needs, especially in infrastructure and the residential or energy industry also provide in Good Quality

“Don’t Waste Your Time, Bring Your Project With Us!”

“Don’t Waste Your Time, Bring Your Project With Us!”

Fabrication and Detailing with

Information About Integrated CNC operations
Effort-Less Management of Tekla Structures
Understanding of Structural  Steel Standards